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An International Network belongs to an international network of websites. Specialized in the second hand product, the websites aim to make easier the search of products, cars and real estate. We help each month millions of visitors in Italy (, in France ( or in Spain ( to find the best deal and save money! The group now operates in more than 14 countries as in Germany with , in Australia with, in Austria with or in Belgium with This experience contributes to the improvement of the platform as well as users experience. We want bring a new way to consume, more environmentally friendly and based on recycling. We have shared our philosophy in United Kingdom , in Canada ( and in USA ( Our websites adapt to the needs of our users depending on the country they live as in India for India or in Brazil with Our business keeps expanding in Latin America with for Argentina, for Mexico and in Africa with for Nigeria or for South Africa. More countries of Latina america have been added to our network, among them, there is Colombia, Peru, Chile and Venezuela And we still have projects in the near future as being present in the Netherlands, in Sweden, in Poland or in Japan and Singapore.