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When you have a selection this large, finding exactly what you want at great price is a breeze. No matter what you're looking to buy second hand, we’ve got you covered!

Filters, Filters


It could take hours scrolling through all the used items for sale in Ireland. That's why we've developed custom filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Listing Alert!


Nobody wants to be constantly checking their computer searching for that one particular used item in Ireland. That's why we give you the opportunity to sign up for email alerts for second hand items that match your search criteria.

What People Say

Robert Cook from Ireland

Robert Cook

Ireland - Dublin

Love the alerts! I don't need to search for a used product, it just comes to me!

Bryan Olson from Ireland

Bryan Olson

Ireland - Cork

I was recommended to use this site by many of my friends and I am definitely going to use it to search for used products from now on.

Harold Caroll from Ireland

Harold Caroll

Ireland - Limerick

This site has probably saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks!

Brittany Ryan from Ireland

Brittany Ryan

Ireland - Galway

Many people asked for my suggestion on where to look for the best used products and prices. My recommendation is always for-sale.ie

Theresa Sanchez from Ireland

Theresa Sanchez

Ireland - Waterford

Effective website to find and compare second hand products online, I recommend it!


Ruth Wade

Ireland - Dublin
Sales Manager

Keep up the great work!

How It Works

We collect offers


Everyday, thousands of second hand products are offered for sale on various online marketplaces in Ireland. Our goal is to gather them in 1 single place.

We understand them


These second hand offers are organized based on their characteristics. We create algorithms to understand what they entail.

Making finding easy


Our search engine brings to light the best second hand bargains. Thanks to our advanced filters, it’s easy to find that specific used item you are looking for.

Browse by inspiration


Find inspiration by browsing down categories and drill down to uncover great second hand deals.

Be the first


We can alert you when new for sale items become available for your search term so you can act fast.

Closest bargains in your area


Find products for sale close to you in a snap. Search for used products nearby and we’ll help you get the products sold in your area.

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