Who We Are?

The group of young professionals at For-sale.ie combines their love of the Internet with their interest in purchasing secondhand products. For-sale.ie is a subsidiary of eRowz, a six-year- old company with headquarters in Enghien, Belgium. Our team’s biggest desire is to help our customers discover the best secondhand deals nearest to you. The idea for the website started we when began recognizing the dangers of overconsumption and wanted to find a way to combat it. For-sale.ie wants to change society’s views regarding the environment and the many products we purchase and dispose of every day by making it easier to purchase used goods. Buying secondhand items should be a default for us all. That’s why For-sale.ie chooses to focus all our energies on helping our customers locate quality, pre- owned items without having to purchase them new.


Our Team

Our awesome family at For-sale.ie contains 16 people divided into four teams working hard every day to better our website and give our beloved customers the best experience possible.

1. Improvement of our platform, web development, and the fixing of bugs are carried out by our Web Developer Team. Contact them directly if you discover a problem or error on For-sale.ie.
2. Our gifted Marketing team informs the world about our exclusive search engines and provides our users with detailed explanations regarding new functions available through the website. They also discuss our helpful strategies for securing more website traffic.



We’re proud to introduce Aurore, an important member of our marketing team. She works diligently to make your experience with For-sale.ie marvelous. Aurore is a postcard collector with more than 1000 to her name. She enjoys assisting other collectors in finding the missing parts of their own special collections.

Our Mascot

For-sale.ie’s platform has a mascot and his name is Squicky. Squicky joined the team on May 11, 2011, and encourages us to pursue inspiring ideas. He exemplifies the team dynamic we treasure, including the never-ending hunt for great pre-owned products. Squicky is an environmentally responsible squirrel who cares deeply about the planet. He loves to recycle and providing a second life to used products still in good shape. Squicky can help you find the best bargains across the whole world.

How does it work?

Millions of people sell secondhand cars, houses, and other products through online classifieds every day. For-sale.ie’s goal is to collect all of these pre-loved items on a single site that is easy to navigate.
For-sale.ie arranges all of these bargains according to their individual characteristics. Our specialized algorithms are designed to pick out specific bits of information from the deals. This allows you to search according to what you think is most important about the item.
For-sale.ie’s search engines quickly locate the best deals near you. Our happy users save tons of money buying used products in great shape, keeping them out of landfills and preventing unnecessary new purchases.

Why Us?

More and more people are looking to buy things like Blu-ray/DVD disks or women’s clothing secondhand. Buying used items has a significant impact on the health of the environment and our children’s futures. At For-sale.ie, we believe the easier it is to buy pre-owned items the more people will do it, so we created a website with narrow search filters to help you find the very thing you need fast. Scrolling through hundreds of advertisements to find the exact product you want is exhausting. Our filters let you choose the features, style, age, etc. you want for your product, so you can find what you want right away. Choose some of your favorite products and save them, or sign-up for For-sale.ie’s alert system to learn when a new advertisement featuring an item fitting your criteria appears for sale. You can also browse through our many categories to find inspiration and the latest trends in gardening products or children’s fashion. Our straightforward system means you can perform the searches without any assistance, but if you do need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to take suggestions for improving our site as well.

An International Network

The company, eRowz, developed For-sale.ie’s webpage. eRowz helps consumers in over 20 countries buy and sell their pre-owned items over our many platforms. We’ve created 25+ sites across the world, in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the United States, advertising real estate, quality, used products, and the world of fashion.

Our Partners

eRowz forms partnerships with the most popular online secondhand dealer in countries all over the world. Both Amazon and eBay trust us to connect the advertisements on their websites to the appropriate consumer. Find these partners and more at For-sale.ie.

Interesting Facts About eRowz’s Online Platforms

million items for sale on our websites
million hits each month
250 000
members on our many sites
40 000
individual alerts sent every day
partners around the globe
years experience find the best deals online

Questions or Concerns?

Do you have further questions or need help using For-sale.ie? Look at our help page for frequently asked questions, or send us an email through our contact form.